We provide food that customers love, day after day after day. It is not a big secret. People just want more of it.


We like the challenges and we would love your wedding to be one of them. How do you imagine?
We can help you with everything: location, decoration, floral details, photographers, musicians, makeup and of course the gastronomic proposal.
They say that sharing food in good company is to live with joy, that's why better way to share and live this special day with family and friends on the magic island.
You put the Yes and we all our love and dedication.
We will take care of all the details so that the results leave you speechless, turning your wedding into a unique event, exclusive and above all, an unforgettable experience.
Let La Joven Dolores surprise you!


Whoever dances well, partying at party walks.
But before you dance, you have to prepare everything.
We will be here to guide you in every step, advising, designing and organizing what is necessary for your event, whatever it will.
If you are looking for a different proposal, fresh and fun The Young Dolores is ready to move by land and sea. By land in a spectacular location or boat on a Mediterranean that we love to sail.
You choose the place!